Strawberry Bircher (GF DF VG RSF)

Strawberry Bircher (GF DF VG RSF)


Strawberry Superseed Bircher (GF, VG, RSF DF) 
Strawberry, dragonfruit & apple compote. super seed Bircher. Almond milk. Probiotic strawberry yoghurt. Pecan crumble. 

Ingredients: dragonfruit, apple, lime, orange, lemon, vanilla paste, cashews, sunflower seeds, white sesame, coconut, chia, hemp seeds, buckwheat, almonds, water, dates, vanilla, maple syrup, organic coconut milk, organic strawberry, organic apple, organic banana, organic rice syrup, organic tapioca starch, black carrot concentrate, live vegan cultures, pecans, raw sugar, cream of tartar.

Allergens: Contains coconut and nuts. May contain traces of dairy, soy and corn.

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