About Us


in 2014 Kate Williams launched nodo (pronounced “no-dough”) to spread happiness through beautiful baked goods that combine artisan methods and naturally gluten free ingredients.
at nodo, we are renowned for our gluten free, ‘baked not fried’ donuts. in recent years we have grown into an institution amongst people with the very same healthy obsession for wholesome food. a beautiful like-minded community.

OUR Philosophy

our philosophy is simple “eat donuts for breakfast”. this means putting the fun back into wholesome food. all our products have been lovingly prepared with nothing but good intentions and the best possible, naturally gluten free ingredients.


our café menu embraces ‘the nodo way’ with seasonal, fresh and naturally gluten free ingredients. everything you see in our cafes is proudly made in-house by our talented team of bakers and chefs.


we have a passion for gluten free flavour and texture perfection that everyone loves. we have a relentless pursuit to make it so good, you don’t realise there’s no gluten. our blends are based off recipes that we make in our cafes everyday.


we’ve crafted the 'roasted by nodo' blend to compliment our donuts perfectly. we wanted a coffee that not only had a story, but was ethical, sustainable, and truly unique. we’re very proud to be serving the result of this, a beautifully roasted rich coffee with direct connection to the farms our beans are grown on.