About Us


In 2014 Kate Williams lovingly launched Nodo (pronounced “no-dough”) to spread happiness through beautiful baked goods that combine artisan methods and naturally gluten free ingredients.
Nodo is renowned for their gluten free, ‘baked not fried’ donuts and has grown into an institution amongst people with the very same healthy obsession for wholesome food.

OUR Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple “eat donuts for breakfast”. This means putting the fun back into wholesome food. All our products have been lovingly prepared with nothing but good intentions and the best possible, naturally gluten free ingredients.


our café menu embraces ‘the nodo way’ with seasonal, fresh and completely gluten free ingredients, with everything proudly made in house, including our breads and buns.


We have a passion for gluten free flavour and texture perfection that everyone loves. All our baked goods are artisan made, the old fashioned way, without the gluten. We have a relentless pursuit to make it so good, you don’t realise there’s no gluten. Our baked goods a baked fresh daily and available until sold out. We recommend pre ordering or getting in early to avoid disappointment.