enjoy the taste of the

our delicious loyalty program. the sweet circle is our way of showing love to those who love nodo. by being rewarded with deliciously different donut, coffee, and blends. on us!




create an account and earn 60 points



earn donut dollar every time you order nodo donuts, coffee and pantry blends in-store, through the nodo app or on the nodo website.



redeem donut dollars for nodo donuts, coffee and pantry blend, on us!*


$1 Spent = 1 Donut Dollar*


not sure where to start? we've got you covered.
here's the sweet circle low down and how you can make the most out of it.

Not at all! In fact, you earn 60 donut dollars just for signing up! Plus you will receive 100 donut dollars on your birthday which scores you a free donut to celebrate your birthday, or to put them points towards a bigger reward! How sweet is that.

You can sign up to the Sweet Circle either in store, on our nodo app, or on our website via the sweet circle tab in the bottom right corner. Just enter your name, email, birthday and which nodo store is your local!. 

Unfortunately not. The Sweet Circle launched on the 1st of November 2023, and all orders before this point are not counted towards your point balance. The good news is that everything from that date on certainly is!

You will earn 1 donut dollar per $1 spent across all of our donuts, coffee and pantry blends at Nodo (excludes Wake Up Beautiful coffee beans and OG Granola).

As a thank-you for joining the Sweet Circle, you will receive 60 donut dollars, which is enough to get a free medium coffee of your choice whenever you would like, OR you can save them and put towards another reward later on!.

On your birthday, you’ll wake up to enough points in your sweet circle account to claim your free donut of your choice - or you can save your 100 points to put towards another reward later on. Happy Birthday! (Please note, you will only receive your Birthday points if you have completed your profile. If you would like to complete your profile, you can do so HERE)

There are a few ways you can do this! The easiest way is via the Nodo app - you’ll be able to see your points at all times via the rewards tab in the bottom navigation bar.

You can also check in-store - our friendly team will always be able to look up your account and let you what you’ve accrued and how many donut dollars are needed until you reach your next reward.

Finally, you can check on the nodo website via the Sweet Circle tab in the bottom right corner. Simply login into your account and your donut dollars balance will be shown in the Sweet Circle tab.

Once you’ve earned enough donut dollars for your favourite reward, there are a few ways you can redeem points. If you’re dining in store with us, our staff will automatically be able to see that you can redeem a certain reward and apply it to your transaction. If you’re using the nodo app or our web / table ordering experience, this will also be shown on the checkout page. If you are pre-ordering or shopping online, you can redeem a unique code via the sweet circle widget. Simply log into your Sweet Circle account, click on the reward you desire, then click redeem - you will be shown your unique discount code to apply at checkout. 

Yes, you technically can. As you only earn points on dollars spent, you will only earn points on the money spent, not the order cost pre-discount.

Yes! Your points will expire after 12 months if not used. We hope we see you soon enough so that they don’t.

At the moment you will need to use separate logins for logging in via our website when compared to using our nodo app / our table ordering system. We are working on a fix for this, but for now we recommend setting your email and password as the same for these two platforms. Using the same email means we can ensure your points find you wherever you are shopping with us. The good news is once you’re signed into the app you won’t need to re-sign in! We’ll update this page as soon as we have a fix for this.

We hope we’ve answered all of the questions you might have about the Sweet Circle, and we will constantly be updating this page! If there’s anything we’ve missed or you still want to know, you can always shoot us an email at sweetcircle@nodo.com.au to find out more!