Wake up beautiful

roasted locally at beautiful mermaid beach, our signature blend is an expertly roasted organic coffee that expresses the vibrant notes of butterscotch, stonefruit and milk chocolate.

good coffee, great vibes

coffee tastes better when it's made with love. roasted by nodo is the culmination of hard work and research. we wanted to create a coffee that not only had a story, but was ethical, sustainable and truly unique.

our roasters work closely with the growers to create a truly special coffee, by controlling the entire process that the beans go through to ensure every cup of coffee you drink is as addictively delicious as the one before.


We have a deep passion for great coffee and love discovering new, delicious speciality coffees from an array of farms. Our roasters work closely with a variety of farmers around the world to bring us new, exciting, and seasonally fresh rotating single espresso and filter beans.

Our baristas go through frequent cupping processes and educational sessions to make sure we’re bringing out the best in each coffee, that will spark your taste buds each time.

our beans can be ground to your at-home coffee preference. enjoy free standard australia-wide shipping on orders over $50.